The Third Age Trust has asked us to pass on their latest advice.  Click here to read a digest.

This is a summary of the latest advice but we urge you, especially Group Leaders, to read it in full by clicking on the link above.

Meeting Indoors in members' homes is still not possible under current government rules.

Meeting indoors in a hall or community
It is unlikely at this stage that U3A Interest Group activities could resume indoors without following a rigorous Covid-19 risk assessment.  If a Group Leader of such an activity wishes to explore this please discuss your plans and preparations with the Groups Team first, follow the guidance from the Third Age Trust before proceeding and carry out an appropriate risk assessment to ensure that the activity is safe for members to participate in.  The conclusion of the risk assessment will determine what actions must be taken to make the activity safe, or conclude that it is not yet safe to restart even with additional measures in place.

Please bear in mind that an indoor meeting in a hall or community centre has a maximum attendance of 30, but it is highly likely that the venue will place a greater restriction on numbers that can be safely accommodated.  Each U3A activity, venue and circumstance is different and must be assessed as such.

Meeting Outdoors
You may continue to meet in any outdoor space in a group of up to 6 people from different households, continuing to follow social distancing rules.  Take hygiene precautions and try to avoid using shared equipment - use your own.

There has been some relaxation of this rule by the government  with regard to team sports but this only applies to groups belonging to a national sports body.  This does not apply to any U3A sports groups so that rule of maximum 6 people still applies.

Given that we are facing an increase in Covid-19 cases, the Committee feels it would be unwise to start up groups prematurely and urges extreme caution.  We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe, especially since shielding has been paused.

The Autumn  Programme of Speaker Meetings, September - December 2020 remains cancelled;  talks on a variety of subjects can be found under Presentations in the Main Menu to the right.  You need to log in first.

The AGM was held via Zoom at 10.30am on Friday 04 September.  Further details will be published soon but relevant documents will be published on the News Page (see Main Menu right) as they are produced.  NB You will need to log in as a member to access these pages, or you can access them direct via the August e-bulletin once published.

Open Day has been postponed until Spring 2021; the date will be confirmed when we are able to make arrangements with the Kesgrave Centre.

Stay safe.


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The University of the Third Age (U3A) in East Suffolk is a thriving cooperative offering educational, recreational and social activities for its members, who are in their ‘third age’ — the time after they have finished working full-time or raising a family and have the time and opportunity to pursue their interests or try something new. Most members are located in the south-eastern area of Suffolk including Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Saxmundham, and surrounding towns and villages.

With more than 2,200 members, U3A in East Suffolk offers a lively speaker programme (27 talks in the 2019-20 session), and more than 170 interest groups and short courses. All of this can be enjoyed for a modest annual subscription. U3A in East Suffolk is organised as a self-help cooperative, and is Registered Charity no. 1112974.

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