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Email prefix photographicclub
Frequency/Day/Time 2nd Thursday, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Venue various
Vacancies Yes
group contact members only

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The Moot Hall, Aldeburgh (Nick Flores, November 2021)


This is an amalgamation of the Camera Club and Photographic Group which merged in April 2022.


We ask for members to volunteer to 'lead' a meeting by suggesting a location and subjects to photograph there. That way we get plenty of variety. Every third month, or so, we plan to meet to review the images produced and learn from each other regarding photographic techniques.


Our meeting programme looks like this:


datelocationmember suggesting the venue 
Thursday 11th July Orford Nick
Thursday 8th August  Shotley Gate   Richard H.
Thursday 12th September  Felixstowe seafront  Richard T. 
Thursday 10th October  Woodbridge riverside Barry
Thursday 14h November review of images   Nick  
Thursday 12th December Holywells Park, Ipswich  Nick
Thursday 9th January 2025 to be decided  
Thursday 13th February to be decided  
Thursday 13th March review of images  Nick
Thursday 10th April to be decided  
Thursday 8th May to be decided  
Thursday 12th June to be decided  

 All details are subject to finalisation and confirmation before the meeting.