Contact Name Neil Bradshaw
Contact Telephone see "More Information for Members"
Email prefix cycling
Frequency/Day/Time Wednesday, morning
Venue various
Vacancies No
group contact members only


Our aim is to cycle, leisurely, for approximately 2-3 hours, 18-25 miles to explore the Suffolk countryside.

For variety, starting points vary, so transporting your bike may be necessary.

We usually stop for refreshment. Often this will be a midway stop for a coffee etc.

Some routes will be figure of eight so that people can duck out at halfway.

The group is aimed at those who enjoy cycling, but are not in the league of Lycra clad clubs, doing 50+ miles per day at 15-20mph average speeds.

We try to keep to minor roads and by-ways where possible and it is possible that sometimes there are that are on untarmacked lanes and Bridleways, but mountain bikes are not needed. Normal city or touring bikes will be fine.

Riding groups to be no more than 6. If more turn up we will split into separate groups leaving a gap inbetween.

For our safety we advise front and rear flashing lights / strobes and suggest you bring some water.