September 2021 – June 2022

Meetings are held at the Salvation Army Hall, at the junction of Ranelagh Road and Cobbold Road IP11 7EL  (map)

Thursday 07 October
Felixstowe 10.30am
Life and Survival in Antarctica: Admundsen and Scott's attainment of the South Pole and an account of the speaker's own experiences - some of the hazards encounted, and others he managed to avoid - Dr Peter Clarkson MBE

Thursday 04 November
Felixstowe 10.30am
Arsenic's Toxic Legacy: ar one time arsenic appeared to offer marvellous soluntions particularly in the spheres of medicine, fashion,design and pest control so long as an increasingly blins eye was turned to its toxicity. Technical information, history horror and humour plus a few deliberate and accidental poisonings - Dr Neal Dickinson

Thursday 06 January
Felixstowe 10.30am

A Day in the Life of a Wimbledon Line Judge: an account of the Speaker's time with the Lawn Tennis Accosiation, giving an insight into some of the people and players encountered - Wendy Smith


 Thursday 03 February
Felixstowe 10.30am 

Broadcasting - emergency calls and listener calls: stories from a career in local broadcasting - Rachel Sloane 

Thursday 03 March
Felixstowe 10.30am
Political correctness, the new insanity?: are we free today or sleepwalking into a very different and more dangerous world? Do pressures constrain what we write, say and think and shape the way we discuss issues? - Andrew J Baker

Thursday 07 April
Felixstowe 10.30am
Dad's Army, the nation's favourite comedy: anecdotes and personal insights from the speaker's 20 years on the programme - the writers, the cast and what sets Dad's Armey apart from the rest of the TV comedy archive - Charles Garland

Thursday 05 May
Felixstowe 10.30am
Charlatans, Frauds and Fools: the two basic rules for being a charlatan: no idea is so stupid that no one will beleive it; and nobody is immune to the wiles of a charlatan and frauds. Illustrated with a humous account of the modern belief in the Flat Earth and Sir Arthur Conan Doyles belief in the exsistance of faries - Jim Williams