RLW Shakespeare for Beginners Levington F 2nd & 4th Tuesday 1415
RWL Creative Writing Holbrook V 2nd &4th Thursday 1000-1200
RWL Creative Writing 2   F Wednesday pm
RWL Enjoying Shakespeare Ipswich V Wednesday 1400
RWL Novels and Natters I Kesgrave/Martlesham F    
RWL Novels and Natters 2   F    
RWL Novels and Natters3 Various F 2nd Thursday 1030
RWL Play Reading In Depth Various F    
RWL Playreading 2 Various V    
RWL Playreading 3 Various F    
RWL Poetry Old and New Ipswich V    
RWL Reading Aloud   F    
RWL Reading Group 2 Various F 3rd Thursday 1015
RWL Writer's Circle Various V 4th Thursday 1400