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Email prefix petanque3
Frequency/Day/Time Monday, 10-12.00am (depending on the weather)
Venue  public piste along the promenade in Felixstowe 
Cost   nil 
Vacancies Yes
group contact members only

 This is a new group commencing 15th April 2024 . We " kick off " at 10:00a.m , we welcome people who haven't played before ....but if that's " you " and you turn up on the day , then I'll require you to turn up 30minutes before play starts in order to give you basic training so you can join in at 10:00a.m . I am happy to meet people before the group starts to give them some basic training at a mutually convenient time and day . We will have a 10minute break at 11:00a.m so players should bring their own refreshments . Boules will be supplied for beginners , however if you decide you enjoy playing and are likely to continue then there is a shop in Diss who specialise in Boules and they will measure the palm of your hand and give you different weighted Boules to try out . Any further queries please feel free to contact me .