Contact Name Mike Oldfield
Contact Telephone 01728 668794
Email prefix mahjongyoxford
Frequency/Day/Time Thursdays, 10am to midday
Venue Yoxford
Vacancies No
group contact members only


This group has been running since September 2017.


The intention is that:

  • We learn and play by the standard British Rules
  • We exchange ideas
  • We play
  • We do not play for money!


Players with any level of experience are welcome to join.

This is an informal group for people who wish to learn a completely new skill, perhaps re-learn an old skill, or just play in a relaxed and comfortable environment. If you are a beginner and willing - we will soon teach you to enjoy the game.

Mah-jong originated in China. There are millions of players also in Japan and many other countries. Like most games play involves skill, memory and some chance. If you can play any card game especially rummy, you can play mah-jong.

Incidentally, mah-jong means "sparrow" and the "j" is pronounced as in "John". In Chinese it's spelled 麻將 and in the Oxford English Dictionary it's "mah-jong" in British English.