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Frequency/Day/Time 2nd Tuesday, 2pm
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This group was previously known as A History of British Buildings, but having reached the 1950's, we are now looking at more recent buildings and their architects in various countries.

We will explore the use of new materials, new technologies, design influences, politics, economic conditions and changing fashions.

 All members of the group are encouraged to contribute to meetings

General Resources Timeline of Historical Events

Gresham College Simon Thurley all on Youtube

Gresham College has many lectures on a variety of subjects, not just architecture. Simon Thurley was head of English Heritage. I found these lectures very useful when I first began running this course.

English Architecture
1) Making England in the Shadow of Rome 410-1130
2) Reaching for Heaven 1130-1300
3) Exuberance to Crisis 1300 -1408
4) Coming of Age 1408-1530
5) The End of the Old World Order 1530-1650
6) The Rise of Consensus 1650-1760
7) Engine House 1760-1830
8) On Top of the World 1830-1914

Anglo Saxon on Youtube
1) The Anglo-Saxon church at Barton-upon-Humber.
2) John Vigar looks at Saxon Architecture
3) West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village introductory video full version
4) Reforming the Church in Anglo-Saxon England
5) How Christianity changed Mercia History West Midlands
6) Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms | Claire Breay, Simon Keynes, Joanna Story | Talks at Google

Norman Conquest
The Norman Conquest Timelines TV

Timelines TV — Andrew Chater (This link should take you to an explanation about Timelines TV. reversions the material in modular form across three parallel timelines: Use your cursor to move backwards and forwards in time.
The PURPLE timeline covers Social History - the story of our changing lives.
The BROWN timeline covers Political History - the story of rulers and ruled, from feudal tyranny to the dawn of democracy.
The GREEN timeline covers Imperial History - the story of the formation of the UK, and the rise and fall of the British Empire.)

5 Romanesque Architecture & Decor prof Lynne Porter

Historia Education securing his kingdom

1 Castles,

2 Marcher Earldoms,

3 Dealing with Resistance,

4 Revolt of the Earls,

5 Normanisation of the Church

Kilpeck Church - Photo Tour