Music: Singing, Playing & Listening to Traditional Music and Song: On various Tuesday afternoons in different pubs.

Unfortunately, all sessions and concerts are suspended from 16 March until further notice.

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The group has been set up to encourage people to enjoy playing, singing or listening to mainly traditional songs and tunes. It is hoped that the group members will come and have a go at singing in public, or bring along an instrument that they may, or may not, have played recently and thus join in with the music making. We also welcome any audience members who simply want to listen or join in the choruses.
Pattern of meetings: The group will meet about every two weeks on a Tuesday (occasionally Friday) starting at about 2.30 p.m.

If you are logged in as a member you can send an email to the course leader by clicking here . There is a lot of extra information about the group such as dates/venues and background information about the group. Please click here for this information.

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Location: All the sessions have been organised to take place in public houses in the East Suffolk area. This is because a pub is likely to generate the right atmosphere for the music and it is its ‘traditional home’. See the programme by clicking here. Quite a few members enjoy a meal at the pub before the sessions starts