September 2019 – June 2020

Regular meetings are held in Kesgrave,   Felixstowe Saxmundham and Woodbridge. 

Please note that your membership subscription entitles you to attend any speaker meeting at any of our venues, there is no charge and no need to book.

Friday 06 September Kesgrave
10.30am – 12.30pm
Open Day: your opportunity to see what our groups will be offering for the coming year.

Monday 16 September
Woodbridge 10.30am
Hatches, Matches and Beyond: curious tales from the Suffolk Parish Registers Sarah Doig

Monday 30 September
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Village Schools: the history of village schools and their valuable role in educating children Sheila Wright

Thursday 03 October
Felixstowe 10.30am
Antiques Roadshow: insights of a provincial auctioneer Steve Lester

Thursday 10 October
Saxmundham 2.00pm
A History of Art through Portraits: a short history of portraiture from the Middle Ages to the present day Tania Harrington

Monday 28 October
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Early Prehistory of Suffolk: an account of 500,000 years of Suffolk's history from the ice Age to around 800 BC, Edward Martin

Thursday 07 November
Felixstowe 10.30am
The World of Optical Illusions: why optical illusions work Colin Hopper

Thursday 14 November
Saxmundham 2.00pm
The Plight of the East Prussian People and their horses: an account of a people forced to leave their country at the end of the Second World War and their journey, "The Trek", with their horses Paula Short

Monday 18 November
Woodbridge 10.30am
The Finds of a Lifetime: the exciting stories behind the discovery of buried treasures in East Anglia - Snettisham, Mildenhall, Sutton Joo, Hoxne and more Mark Mitchels

Monday 25 November
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Round the World on a Container Ship: an account of a 4-month journey Peter Hesketh

Thursday 02 January
Felixstowe 10.30am
Televising the Olympics: how the Olympic organisation gets live television and radio to 200 countries round the world for three weeks continuously David Burrowes

Thursday 09 January
Saxmundham 2.00pm
A Royal Progress: Elizabeth I's visit to East Anglia 1578: an account of the 11-week journey using a range of contemporary and secondary sources Hexachordia

Monday 20 January
Woodbridge 10.30am
Forensic Science and Firearms: in search of the smoking gun Brian Heard

Monday 27 January
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Suffolk Ghosts and Hauntings: a stimulating selection of ghost stories, haunted houses and frightening apparitions Robert Halliday

Thursday 06 February
Felixstowe 10.30am
The U3A Story: how it all started Leslie Stringer

Thursday 13 February
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition: an account of the design and building of  Crystal Palace, a description of the exhibits and analysis of the importance of the Exhibition Dr Geoffrey Kay

Monday 24 February
Kesgrave 2.00pm
The History of Spoken English: an in-depth look at how our English language came into being, from the Angles, Saxons, Vikings and Normans Charlie Haylock

Thursday 05 March
Felixstowe 10.30am
Everything Stops For Tea: a history of tea and a look at favourite Afternoon Tea destinations across East Anglia Eve Regelous

Thursday 12 March
Saxmundham 2.00pm
The Merchant Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic: the fight for survival to endure safe transit of hundreds of convoys John Johnson-Allen

Monday 16 March
Woodbridge 10.30am
Archaeology of the East Anglia ONE route: prehistoric, Roman and Saxon finds on the ONE cable routs Andy Peachey

Monday 30 March
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Let's Talk Laughter: 5 steps to improving health, brain function, felling good and living longer Penny Parks

Thursday 02 April
Felixstowe 10.30am
The Hoxne Hoard: an account of the discovery of one of the largest collections of Roman coins and other artefacts in the Roman Empire Tony Diamond

Thursday 09 April
The Billy and Charley Forgeries: an account of tow Thames "mudlarks" in Victorian London Robert Halliday

Monday 27 April
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Confessions of a Church Crank: the fun and fascination of our heritage of church buildings by a crusading church crawler Roy Tricker

Thursday 07 May
Felixstowe 10.30am
Competitions and How to Win Them: an account of the speaker's experiences in a lifetime of entering competitions, with some tips and tricks Ian Davidson

Thursday 14 May
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Alcohol and the Older Person: a talk about the work of the UK charity Hope UK Graham Tilney

Monday 18 May
Woodbridge 10.30am
Reminiscences of the Music Hall pt 2: following on from Music Hall Memories, a look at the stars of the Music Hall and the songs that made them famous Bryan Thurlow

Monday 08 June
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Annual General Meeting
with a talk! Shakespeare Buff: honest, modest, clueless Tony Diamond

Friday 04 September Kesgrave 10.30am – 12.30pm
Advance Notice of Open Day 2019: your opportunity to see what our groups will be offering for the coming year