September 2018 – June 2019

Regular meetings are held in Kesgrave,   Felixstowe Saxmundham and Woodbridge. 

Friday 07 September Kesgrave
10.30am – 12.30pm
Open Day: your opportunity to see what our groups will be offering for the coming year.

Friday 21 September
Woodbridge 10.30am
Bats of Suffolk: an introduction to the world of bats and their ecology Denis and Anne Kell

Monday 24 September
Kesgrave 2.00pm
The Crane Family – from Normandy to Nacton: the rise of the Crane family from humble beginnings to industrial success in Ipswich John Barbrook

Thursday 04 October
Felixstowe 10.30am
A Message to the Children: tips on writing an autobiography for the benefit of future generations Jim Williams

Thursday 11 October
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Lasers – the Light Fantastic: a lecture on laser light with demonstrations Dr Stephen Ashworth

Monday 29 October
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Colchester Zoo – Past, Present and Future: the history of zoos, in particular Colchester Zoo, and a discussion of the modern-day role of zoos Rebecca Moore

Thursday 01 November
Felixstowe 10.30am
Tax, Care and Toyboys: protecting your family’s nest egg, paying for help in old age and reducing the burden of inheritance tax Chris Dingley

Thursday 08 November
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Gainsborough and Gainsborough’s House: the life and art of Thomas Gainsborough and presentation of his house in Sudbury Mark Bills

Friday 23 November
Woodbridge 10.30am

Please note change of speaker
The Evolving Transport Museum: the development of the Ipswich Transport Museum Brian Dyes

Monday 26 November
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Helicopter Flying: an Oxymoron – the first woman through the RAF’s fast-jet flying training programme explains the differences between fixed-wing and rotary pilots Sally Dearman-Cummings

Thursday 03 January
Felixstowe 10.30am
The Art of Theft (Fraud in the Art World): why art is stolen, how criminals use it and why it is forged Richard Ellis

Thursday 10 January
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Emerging Viruses, HIV, Ebola, Zika, what next?: the spread of new and re-emerging viruses – can they be contained with vigilance and rapid coordinated responses? Dr Harvey Holmes

Friday 18 January
Woodbridge 10.30am
Land of the Pharaohs: aspects of the time of the Pharaohs and life in Egypt today through visits to Cairo, Aswan and Luxor Chris Parfitt

Monday 28 January
Kesgrave 2.00pm Please note change of speaker
Oliver Cromwell - Magic, Mystery and Blood Tony Diamond

Thursday 07 February Felixstowe 10.30am
The Campaign for Votes for Women: phases of the campaign from the mid-19th century to the end of WW1 Joy Bounds

Thursday 14 February
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Overpaid, Oversexed and Over Here: the social and cultural impact of the “friendly” invasion of the US Army Air Force in East Anglia Ian McLachlan

Monday 25 February
Kesgrave 2.00pm
St Edmund in History and Legend: an assessment of the accounts in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, the history of Danish East Anglia and the rise of the cult of St Edmund Dr Sam Newton

Thursday 07 March
Felixstowe 10.30am
Field Marshal Earl Haig – Lion or Donkey?: an examination of the facts surrounding a rather controversial WW1 leader John Lilley

Thursday 14 March
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Meet Mary Kingsley: the life of an explorer who travelled alone in the 1890’s to West Africa Louise Reed

Friday 15 March
Woodbridge 10.30am
Perils of a Plant Hunter: Joseph Hooker’s career as a plant hunter in the Antarctic and the jungles of Sikkim Geoff Hales

Monday 25 March
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and her Circle: the story of a pioneering doctor and other enterprising women of her time Jennifer Jones

Thursday 04 April
Felixstowe 10.30am
The Shipping Forecast Tony Diamond

Thursday 11 April
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Being a Woman Racing Driver and Racing at Le Mans: an account of a racing life Celia Stevens

Monday 29 April
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Burston – a Striking Village: a brief résumé of conditions leading up to the Burston Strike, its causes, its uniqueness and its aftermath Anne May

Thursday 02 May
Felixstowe 10.30am
Kitchen Chemistry: lecture and demonstration of some basic principles of chemistry using everyday equipment Dr Stephen Ashworth

Thursday 09 May
Saxmundham 2.00pm
Two Old Bags – a Gap Year is wasted on the young: travel overland to Australia by train and road post-retirement Janice Hughes

Monday 20 May
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Brunel, The Man and his Work: a look at Brunel’s achievements and some of his less successful work Roger Mannion

Friday 24 May
Woodbridge 10.30am
The Boy Who Burnt the Barn: an account of a crime in 1844 that resulted in transportation. Jonathan Belsey

Monday 10 June
Kesgrave 2.00pm
Annual General Meeting
Friday 06 September Kesgrave 10.30am – 12.30pm
Advance Notice of Open Day 2019: your opportunity to see what our groups will be offering for the coming year