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 The list below may include an indication as to whether a group is Full or has Vacancies (F/V).  For further details of the group, please see the group's page and contact the group's leader for any additional information.  If the group is full, you may place your name on the waiting list by contacting the Groups Co-ordinator's Team by clicking here .We will let you know if a vacancy occurs in the future, or we may set up a new, similar, group should sufficient numbers of members show an interest.

The F/V column indicates if a group is  full or has vacancies

V* means that there are vacancies but may only be suitable for those with some previous experience or level of proficiency

F* means currently full but there may be opportunities throughout the year

Group Location F / V Mtg Day Time
A-Z of country dancing Melton V 2nd & 4th Friday 1000 - 1200
Acoustic Blues Group     Wednesday 1000
Architecture - A History of Britain's Buildings  Woodbridge F 2nd Monday 1400 - 1600
Architecture 1 Various F Tuesday 1000
Architecture 2 Various V Various Various
Architecture Appreciation Woodbridge F 1st Monday 1330 -1630
Art Appreciation Felixstowe V   1000
Astronomy 1 Stutton V Thursday 1000
Astronomy 2 Stutton V Thursday 1400
Backgammon Martlesham & Leiston V Various Various
Beaders Snape F 2nd Tuesday 1330 -1630
Behind the Scenes 1 Various F Various Various
Behind the Scenes 3 Various F Various monthly  
Behind the Scenes 5 Various F Various Various
Birdwatching  Various V 3rd Monday  1000
Bridge for beginners and restarters Woodbridge V Friday 1000 - 1230
Bridge for Improvers 1 Woodbridge V Tuesday 1000 -1230
Calligraphy Martlesham V 2nd & 4th Tuesday 1000 - 1200
Camera Club Group Woodbridge V 2nd Thursday 1030
Canasta(Bolivia) Kirton/ Felixstowe V Mon & Thurs 1400
Carpet Bowls  Felixstowe V 2nd & 4th Monday 1330 - 1530
Church Crawlers 1 Various V Friday  
Church Crawlers 2 Various F 3rd Friday Summer 1030 - 1500
Church Crawlers 3 Various F 2nd Friday April-October 1000 - 1530
Church Scamps Various F last Tuesday March - Sept  
Climate disruption, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Gt. Beelings V Wednesday or Thursday 1000 - 1200
Computer Mentoring     Various  
Craft and Chat Kesgrave Martlesham V 2nd Wednesday 1200
Creative Crafters Snape F 2nd Wednesday 1000
Creative Crafters 2 Saxmundham V 4th Wednesday 1000 - 1200
Creative Writing Holbrook V 2nd &4th Thursday 1000-1200
Creative Writing 2    F Wednesday pm
Cribbage Trimley V 2nd & 4th Tuesday am
Croquet Witnesham V Thursday 1400
Current Affairs Felixstowe 2 Felixstowe V Wednesday 1000
Current & International Affairs Ipswich 1 Ipswich F 3rd Thursday 1000
Current & International Affairs Ipswich 2 Ipswich V Monday 1000
Current & International Affairs Ipswich 4 Ipswich F 3rd Monday 1000 - 1200
Current & International Affairs Woodbridge Woodbridge F 2nd & 4th Monday 1000 -1200
Current Affairs - Saxmundham Saxmundham V Friday 1430
Current Affairs 6 Various V 3rd Tuesday 1000-1200
Current Affairs Felixstowe 1 Felixstowe F Friday 1030
Current Affairs Felixstowe 3 Felixstowe V    
Current Affairs Ipswich 5 Ipswich V Monday 1100
Current International and Local Affairs Ipswich 3 Ipswich V Thursday 1000
Cycling but not in Lycra        
Ecclesiastical Explorers Various F Last Friday 1030 - 1530
Ecology and Wildlife Various F Thursday  
Economic Discussion Felixstowe/Woodbridge F Tuesday/Thursday 2.00/10.30
Enjoying Shakespeare Ipswich V Wednesday 1400
Family History Short Course Martlesham Martlesham V September. Jaunary. April.  
Folk Dancing Levington V Friday am
Fortgeschrittenes Deutsch  Saxmundham F Monday 1430
French Conversation 2, Intermediate Rushmere St Andrew V 2nd & 4th Wednesday 1430
French Conversation 3, Intermediate Various F 3rd Wednesday 1400 - 1600
French Conversation 4, Intermediate Ipswich V 1st & 3rd Friday 1430
French Conversation for Beginners Plus Hollesley F Wednesday 1000
French Conversation 1, Intermediate Rushmere St Andrew F 1st & 3rd Wednesday 1430
Garden Visits 1   F Wed, Thur, Friday  
Garden Visits 2 Various F Various  
Garden Visits 3 Various F Various Various
Geology 1 Ipswich F Monday except BHs & Last of month 1000 - 1200
Geology 2 Various F Friday 1000
Geology 3 Various V 1st Wednesday 1400
German Conversation Felixstowe F Tuesday am
Grow your own fruit and veg Various V 2nd Friday  
Have Fun With Your Camera Various V Friday 1400
History for Fun Woodbridge V Thursday 1000
In Our Time  Felixstowe F 2nd Thursday 1030 - 1230
IPad users     Various  
Italian Conversation Woodbridge F Tuesday 1415
Just for Fun Improvisation Comedy        
Knitting for Charity WB / Sax V Thursday 1400
Local Flora, Fauna & Fungi Various V Tuesday  
Long Distance Walking 1   V Various - monthly  
Long Distance Walking 2 Various V Tuesday  
Lunch Club (midweek)   F Wednesday  
Lunch Club (Sunday) 1 Various F 1st Sunday 1200 for 1230
Lunch Club (Sunday) 2 Various F Sunday  
Lunch Club (Sunday) 3 Various V Sunday  
Madrigal singing Felixstowe V 2nd & 4th Thursday 1400 -1600
Mah Jong   V 2nd & 4th Wednesday 1400 - 1600
Memoirs - Happy Days Group Grundisburgh V Thursday 1400
Music Appreciation WB 2 Grundisburgh F 2nd & 3rd Friday 1400 - 1600
Novels and Natters I Kesgrave/Martlesham F    
Novels and Natters 2   F    
Novels and Natters 3 Various F 2nd Thursday 1030
Novels by Scottish Writers Melton V 3rd Friday 10am - 12
Origami Ipswich      
Painting and Drawing 1 Martlesham F    
Painting and Drawing 2 Rushmere/Westerfield V    
Painting and Drawing 3        
Parchment Craft  Various F 2nd & 4th Tuesday 1000 - 1200
Parchment Craft 2 Kesgrave V 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 1400 - 1600
Petanque 1 Felixstowe F Thursday 1000
Petanque 2 Felixstowe F    
Piano Group        
Play Reading In Depth  Various F    
Playing Pop, Rock and other genres   V    
Playreading 2 Various V    
Playreading 3 Various F    
Poetry and Prose TBA      
Poetry Old and New Ipswich V    
Pop, Rock and Blues Group Various F various 1430
Practical Gardening Various F    
Practical Gardening 2  Holbrook V    
Questers 2 Various F    
Quizzers (Felixstowe) Various V    
Quizzers (Ipswich & Woodbridge) Various V    
Quizzers (Saxmundham) Various V various varies
Reading Aloud   F    
Reading Group 2 Various F 3rd Thursday 1015
Recorder Ensemble Little Bealings V  1st and 3rd Monday  2.00pm
Recreational Mathematics   V    
Rubber Bridge Felixstowe V 1st & 3rd Tuesday 1400
Rummikub 1 Saxmundham F    
Rummikub 2 Saxmundham F    
Science & Technology Woodbridge V 2nd Tuesday 1000 - 1200
Science in the News  Ipswich V 1st Thursday am
Science, Faith & Philosphy  Waldringfield V 2nd Friday 1000 - 1200
Scrabble 2 Woodbridge F 1st & 3rd Fridays 1400 - 1600
Scrabble in Felixstowe Felixstowe V 1st & 3rd Tuesday 1400-1600
Scrabble 4 Woodbridge F Alternate Tuesdays 1015
Shakespeare for Beginners Levington F 2nd & 4th Tuesday 1415
Singing for fun Ipswich V    
Singing for fun in Felixstowe Felixstowe V Thursdays (fortnightly) 1400 - 1600
Singing, Playing and Listening to Traditional Songs and Tunes Various V Tuesdays usually 1430 - 1630
Single Companions        
Spanish Conversation  Ipswich F    
Spanish for beginners 4 Ipswich F Monday 1000
Spanish Intermediate Snape F    
Spanish newcomers Felixstowe F    
Stitch & Chat 1 Felixstowe F 1st & 3rd Wednesday 1000
Strum East Ukulele Group Woodbridge V    
Table Tennis 2 Bromeswell V    
Table Tennis  1 Bromeswell F Friday 0930 - 1230
Talking About World Wide Textiles  Wickham Market F 1st Wednsday 1000 - 1200
Tenpin Bowling Martlesham V 1st & 3rd Fridays  
The Walkers Various V Alternate Tuesdays 1000
Theatre Discussion Group Yoxford V    
Theatre visits Various V Various  
Tramps Walking Group Various F Wednesday Fortnightly 1000
Transport Kesgrave & Saxmundham V 3rd Thursday 1030
U3A Local History Group Woodbridge V 2nd Wednesday 1000
U3A Short Breaks Various V Various various
Ukulele for Beginners Course - Felixstowe  Felixstowe V Tuesdays 1000
Understanding Contemporary Art Ipswich V Monday 1400
Walking with a Focus SE Suffolk/N Essex V 3rd Wednesday 1000
Walking with a Focus 2        
Novels Booker Prize Runners Ups Melton      
Writer's Circle Various V 4th Thursday 1400
Yoga   V    
10 to Tea Walking Group Various F Alternate Fridays 1000 - 1500