If you are looking to find others that share your interest or, better still,  if you want to help set up a new group then this is the page for you.

This page contains a 'wish list' of ideas for New Groups. If you have an idea for a new group then all you have to do is email us with your suggestion. Email us by  clicking here. and we will add it.

Similarly if you see an idea below and are interested in helping establish that group then get in touch. We will try to put all 'interested parties' in contact with one another and organise a meeting once there is a critical mass. After that it is up to you. Incidentally if you need to hire a hall or even buy essential equipment to get started then we may even be able to pay for that.

More information about setting up a group from scratch is available here.

Note that just because there is an existing group does not mean that you cannot start another one.  Sometimes there is a thriving group which you can't join because it is already oversubscribed or one that just happens to meet on the 'wrong' day or is too far away for you.

Many of our most successful groups are offshoots or 'clones' of other groups and just because there is already a successful group in one topic does not mean we cannot start another .

Below is a list of suggestions that we have received recently along with an indication of the 'status' of each. Of course you are free to set up groups any other way as well!

It is not unusual for two or three people to set up a group in their house and suddenly find, to their astonishment, that there were lots of people interested - but didn't want to say! Sometimes, indeed usually, groups start out very small and grow rapidly.

Below is the latest 'wish-list' and an indication  of the current status.  Click here to tell us if you are interested. A new page will open with an email form that you can fill in and send.

Proposed Group


German for Beginners - Framlingham Area New Proposal
Mahjong in Yoxford New Proposal
Mandarin   New Proposal
 Origami  New Proposal
Cycling Group New Proposal
Singing for fun in Felixstowe  
Memoirs in Felixstowe