Bridge: Improvers Bridge - Waldringfield - 2nd & 4th Monday 2pm
We meet at Waldringfield Village Hall to enjoy and develop our Bridge skills.

Meeting pattern: 2nd and 4th Mondays 2pm

Location: Waldringfield

To give an idea of what we do: We meet as above and play Bridge in an informal and friendly atmosphere without fear of coming across those types of bridge players who persistently "nag" their partners for making mistakes or who play in a testy manner or who, again, with an imperious attitude try to demonstrate that they know best and everybody else is wrong. In this atmposphere you can develop your skills at your own pace and have fun doing so without fear of rebuke for inevitable mistakes.

If any person acts in the unseemly manner I have described above, I shall poilitely ask them not to attend the group in future. Of course, any person who wishes to improve their play, will welcome friendly and positively constructive advice and I applaud this. I am always available to give advice if I am asked but it will always be in the most understanding and constructive manner I can achieve. 

Every so often, I give "Master Classes" as `add-ons` to playing technique but these are not scheduled as a regular programme. Once a new technique has been delivered I give ample time for it to be absorbed and pracrticed before considering another "Master Class". By this method the skills, social enjoyment and sense of achievement of the members is enhanced in a non-pressured environment and we achieve the aims of U3A: learning for fun! 

If you can play a `bit` (and want to play a `bit more`)..........come and join us and get a warm welcome. 

Freddie Davies

Group Leader


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