The intention is to reduce the current FOUR meetings per week to TWO or possibly THREE, depending on the number and ability of interested Members. As in previous years, the meetings will be arranged to meet as many members' needs as possible. The venue will be my home in Woodbridge unless too many members prefer the same time and day of the week.

The meetings need to be weekly because learning to play bridge from scratch is akin to learning two new languages simultaneously and it is too easy to forget most of what you have learned if two or more weeks elapse between meetings. Also, without wishing to sound too much like a school teacher, it would be preferable to start only if you are able to attend regularly, because catching up on material which you missed is not easy.

I shall be available for the full duration of "Refreshers' Fair" (formerly known as Launch Day) on 4th September and suggest you contact me there if you are interested in playing the best indoor game known to Mankind.

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