Backgammon next meetings :  

Saturday  23rd March  2019   10 - 12pm   Leiston    (contact me for directions)

Saturday  27th April     2019  10-12pm   Martlesham Village Hall,                

Top Street, Old Martlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 4RB   (contact me for directions)


Backgammon is one of the oldest board games. It may have started with the Byzantine tavla some 2,000 years ago.Similar race board games go back to the Sumerians 5,000 years ago. We play English rules but are happy to try any of the other variants if someone can explain the protocols. We supply the boards or tables but bring your own if you have one.


Newcomers are taught simply by playing. The dice ensure that sooner or later even a novice will triumph gloriously over an experienced player. Our object is informal enjoyment and learning.  Backgammon was and remains a social game, still played in Greek cafes, Persian marketplaces and London hotel bars. At present we alternate between Leiston and Woodbridge, playing in members' homes on dates and times that are convenient.


To contact the organiser Giles de Bertodano tel: 01728 832777 or click here