Margaret Miller and myself attended a TAT training on “Resuming Activities Safely” recently.   
The main message from the training was that as every group is different, it is still essential for group leaders to do a risk assessment. From this leaders should be able to tell if it is safe for THEIR group to start back. If there is any doubt then don’t start back until you feel it is safe to do so. I am happy to discuss any concerns group leaders may have. Ring me on 01473 624672.

With restrictions easing and many groups thinking about starting back in the next few months, I have written up the main essentials to be considered when writing up your risk assessment. While we must always follow government guidelines, when restrictions are lifted we need to consider what is right for the members of our groups.

1)  A risk assessment which includes awareness of covid 19 safety is still essential.  This risk assessment should be sent or shown to all group members, to comply with u3a insurance requirements.

2). If it is possible consider meeting out of doors.

3). Hand washing.  All group members should carry their own hand sanitiser and use it when needed, particularly when entering or leaving a venue.

4). Be aware of social distancing especially when indoors.

5). Consider when masks should be worn. All members should have a mask in their pocket in case it is needed.

6). Ventilation,  if you are meeting indoors good ventilation is really important.  Have a window or door open.

7). If possible, do not share equipment.  If you do share equipment it should be wiped with sanitiser after each use.

8). Consider if each member should bring their own drink and/or a snack if needed.

9). If possible car sharing should be avoided, but if sharing a car members should consider wearing  masks and have a window open.

Having seen the group leaders  risk assessment, each group member should do their own personal risk assessment (this need not be shown to anybody else).  This activity is to make each member aware of their own personal risk.

A register of members attending should be kept for track and trace.

All group leaders must still ring me on 01473 624672 to discuss starting back and the precautions they should take before their first meeting.

Best wishes from all the groups team

Merle Watts
Groups Coordinator